Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am back.

I just recently moved to a new location so I haven't been connected to the internet for days, but I am back now.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Quantum Duel Mechanics Pt. 2

The previous post was somewhat a preview to this post that will go into detail on how I think dueling in the Spiral works.

Duel Circles: A fail safe that activates when good and evil magical intentions come near each other.
Pips: Energy orbs that are dispensed each round by the duel circle. There is a chance of getting of a power pip if your gear is charged to receive power pips.
Deck: Your magic card deck is magically shuffled and shoots out seven random cards, which hang in front of your face. If you use up or decide to put a card in your discard pile, then the deck will give you enough cards next round so that you will always have seven.
Health: Your energy levels. Once you have zero health, you are unable to use spells and you are defeated. The circle sends you back to a safe area to recuperate.
Mana: The power source in your wand that can activate your magic cards.

This is the end of my duel mechanics post. Next time I may actually talk about the spells themselves.
I'm happy to see that I have my first three followers! If you have any questions about my ideas post them in the comments. :)                 , the Banes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quantum Duel Mechanics

Choose spells. Take turns with your opponent hitting each other with spells until one of you die.

Wait what are the rules of duels and how do they work? Let's see what the youngest Bane has to say:

Okay. Deep breaths. Ready. Go. I plant myself in front of the Flame Guardian with intentions to make it wish it was never conjured. Before I can get too close though, the forces of magic snapped underway of the collision between my magical presence and the Guardian's. Instantly, a duel circle surrounds me and one more Guardian joins the fray until the circle is locked for more foes. My novice death deck slaps the inside of my small circle after worming its way out of my backpack, pulled by a magical attraction. Next, pips are given out from the center of the circle. I get a power pip because my gear is highly charged to receive it. I have seven cards that were randomly pulled out of my deck floating in front of my face. I have a power pip. My wand still has about twenty mana wisps in it. I point my wand at my ghoul card, spilling two mana wisps onto it and losing my power pip. It has been activated. I slowly and meticulously begin to draw the symbol for the school of death. The spell is consumed. The magic is released. The duel begins.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Blog

Ok so this is a new wizard101 blog. First off, about me. I am a teenager who is very much into gaming. I got involved with wizard101 when I joined the game on the new year's eve after its launch. Since then I have mostly played wizard with a few off times that lasted a couple of months. I have a legendary balance named Colin Sandbane and an initiate death named Alric Wyrmbane. I'll definitely be making changes and such to the blog over the next few days. Hopefully this blog won't sputter out by tomorrow :). See you in the spiral.                          , the Banes